(Written 17 Nov)

I am just doing one entry for our time in Durban – we were reasonably busy, but also the internet connection at my folks is pretty crappy, so didn’t do much online-ing at all.

We arrived in Durbs on Friday night, after a pretty bumpy flight. Mom and Dad met us, and we went home. It is always nice to be under my parents roof. We showered and chatted, then went to our friends Lynn and Peter for dinner. Lynn is a fantastic hostess, and she feed us to within a micrometer of bursting, including some BBQ’d steak that was fabulous. I have known them since I was about 17 or 18, so it was nice to catch up.

On Saturday it was quite overcast, but we decided to go to the beach for a swim. Any trip in Durban (when being driven by my Dad) involves “just a quick detour to show you something”, usually a walled property that you can’t see, or a view that is “normally great, but the clouds are in the way today” or similar. We had a lovely swim while mom watched our stuff, then had a bunny chow for lunch. This is a uniquely Durban meal, and is basically a curry served in a hollowed-out half or quarter loaf of white bread. Yum.

After swimming and eating, we did a tour of Durban, and survived (my Dad is quite a lucky driver). We then went home for a rest, and went to a great eatery called Spice for dinner. Dad had his 70th birthday there 7 years ago, (well, the same owners and cuisine, but new premises), and they treated us very well. Again we were joined by Lynn and Peter, as well as my folks friends Paul and Clint. Clint had made us a wedding gift of a table-cloth with a South African slang motif – I am going to have to do a lot of translating and explaining to Lena. The meal was really something special.

Sunday morning again saw us head to the beach. It was much sunnier and hotter, so we applied many layers of sun-lotion. Back home (again via some minor but interesting diversions) we swam in the folks pool to get rid of the beach sand from our bits, and then went for lunch to a great seafood restaurant. Great food is playing a key part in our holiday, as you may observe. SOme more sight-seeing, then back home.

The folks had more guests invited, and we sat by the pool, and had BBQ’d (a BBQ is called a braai in South Africa) Boerewors, South African farmers sausage, which I love.

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