Midlands to the Drakensberg

Woke up quite early, so I crept outside and sat on the balcony of our chalet, overlooking the river and listening to Africa wake up. It was lovely, and to complete the natural picture, I surfed the net, Facebooked and checked emails. Lena woke up eventually and found me on the deck outside. We got dressed and the met the folks for breakfast, which we had outside. The weather cleared and it was lovely and sunny.
After breakfast we packed up, had a quick walk to see some distant birds through binoculars, and then drove to a nearby home where a couple make beautiful wind chimes. Called Culamoya, there were dozens of large and small chimes, all made by the couple who run the place. It was quite noisy, as various people were there and all wanted to try out different chimes at the same time. We found a lovely wooden chime, with figures of people made of wood, which makes a gentle sound. The proprietor, Frits, had made it the night before, and it was nice to get a personal perspective on something we bought.
We stopped at various craft shops on the way, bought a few more bits of junk, and then had lunch at Thokozisa, a collection of shops and a restaurant in the Drakensberg. After lunch, we said goodbyes to Mom and Dad, who headed back to Durban, and we went on to our hotel. I spent many happy times in the area as a child, and as a young adult, hiking and climbing and camping in the mountains with my Dad and Dave, my best friend from my youth. I was very excited to be coming back, and strained to catch glimpses of my beloved mountains. Unfortunately the main Berg (mountains) were obscured by cloud, but the foothills (the little berg) was clear, green and very pretty.
We checked in, have a room with a great view of the clouds(and hopefully mountains to come), and then had a swim and chatted to other residents. Now we are in the bar, having a pre-dinner drink, and typing blog posts. The internet is not working here, either, so I will post this once we manage to get online once more.
Tomorrow we plan to go horse riding if the weather is OK, otherwise will do some walks in the area. G’night.

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