Opera House

We got back to Circular Quay after our day at the Blue Moontns, and had a couple of hours to kill until the show that we had booked to see at the Opera House. One of the worlds most iconic pieces of architecture, the Opera House dominates the bay and Central Quay, and has to be seen to be believed. When we knew that Lena was coming to Sydney, she booked us tickets to see a show. Called Night and Day, it was a modern dance and music performance. This is not the kind of thing I would normally go see, but an opportunity to see a show at the Opera House was too tempting to miss. We had some food, then went over to the Opera House to get in to see the show.

The building inside is pretty spectacular too, with a number of theatres, halls, venues and other rooms. We were in the Drama Theatre, which was comfortable and relatively smaller (probably only a few hundred seats) auditorium, with a very modern feel to it.

I can’t really describe the show, because I can’t really comment intelligently on modern dance. Let’s just say that it was interesting (in some parts), and leave it at that. Still very glad to have gone to the Opera House though. We headed back on the train – only one stop but we were tired – and collapsed into a heap on our hotel room. In all a very memorable day.

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