Wednesday Worked

I had to go into work today, which meant that Lena was free to roam the city like a big girl, all on her own. She did various bits of strolling and ferry-ing, and managed not to spend half the Gross National Product of Peru on shiny things. In the evening we met up with a bunch from work – we had a┬ábunch of folk over from Microsoft in Seattle, plus a fair few of us English based types, so in the interests of keep the theme broadly international, and given that we were in Sydney, we went to a Greek Restaurant.

A lot of fun, food, frolics and a fair bit of alky-hol was had by all. I have video of folk dancing on tables and smashing plates while doing manly dances around the restaurant – but these have been filed with my lawyer and will be used in case I need to blackmail someone in the future. Anyway – a good evening, and more memories to add to the alarmingly large pile

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