Very Manly Bicycle

Waking up with a slight hangover (or not so slight, in Lena’s case) is always a good reason to take it easy. So we decided not to do just that. After breakfast, we got the ferry around to Circular Quay, then got onto the ferry to Manly. Manly straddles the North Head, the northern bastion guardian the ocean entrance to Sydney Harbour, and the wharf is 7 kms across the bay from the city. It is a pretty town, with a long and well utilised beach. We got off the ferry, and walked across the road to a bike hire shop, where we got kitted out with helmets, locks, maps and good old fashioned bicycles.

The first direction we chose was to ride up the head to its tip, which was quite steep, and not very easy, even for a finely honed athlete such as myself. The views rfom up top were absolutely beautiful and well worth the pedal. We locked the bikes up and had a wander along the cliff tops for a while.


the best thing about riding a bike uphill, is when you get to go back down again. We flew down the steep roads, and then headed to the sea shore. Manly is on a narrow spit of land, with one shore inside the harbour, and one on the oceanside. We bought some fish and chips, and went to the shore to eat them. The seagulls in Australia are very fearless, and they felt just as entitle to our lunch as we did. One even tried a stealth approach, flying over my head (actually touching my head on his path in toward the target) and I just managed to push the buger away before he reached my food. It was a bit of an ordeal, but quite funny now looking back at it. We finished up, then rode north long the beach until we reache a lagoon then headed along it, inland. We road through a number of suburbs, heading out of town, until we came to the lovely Manly dam. We chatted with some friendly locals, then road up alongside the dam. The bird-calls were unusual, and we saw a large red kangaroo running off the road into the bush.

At the end of the road by the dam side was a car park, and we turned around and rode back toward Manly, via a different rout. We cycled along some lovely scenic roads, eventually finishing back by the wharf again. We returned the bikes, had a coffee and then hopped onto the ferry for the half hour trip back to Circular Quay, and walked back to the hotel. We had pizza across the harbour from out hotel, and an early ish night was in order for the tired teddy bears

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