Of Meals, Movies and Mattresses

Friday and we decided to take it a bit easier today. Being a tourist can be tiring, and we were ready for a relaxing day. We got the train a few stops out of the centre to a suburb called Newtown. Newtown is a combination of bohemian boutiques, new age shops, second-hand book stores, and about 300 Thai restaurants. The shopping area is based a long and winding high street, called King Street.
There were a lot of unusual clothing shops – many seem to be run by the designers themselves, and a lot of alternative fashions. Even though I am allergic to shopping, it was refreshing not to see the standard uniforms that all shops in the UK offer.
We wandered up and down for ages, and had a nice Lebanese wrap for lunch. More walking, somewhat lost, through a bunch more neighbourhoods, and finally a train back to somewhere recognisable.
In the evening, we went to a restaurant/cinema called Govindas. Veggie curry buffet of very delicious Indian food, served by 2 German waitresses in Saris. Bit surreal, but I have experienced worse. After dinner, you go upstairs, lie down on large, comfy mattresses with big pillows, kick off your shoes, and watch a movie on a decent sized screen. How marvellous – though I think that the combination of a movie, meal and mattresses might be too much for some – I am sure I heard snores.
We watched Inception, which was interesting and entertaining, then got the train back from Kings Cross and crawled into our bed.

Night Night x

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