Adjustable Parramatta


Another beautiful day in Paradise. We whizzed around to Circular Quay, took a brief detour to the Baskin & Robbins store to buy some unfeasibly lovely icre cream, then climbed about the River Cat ferry to Parramatta. Long time sufferers of this blog may recall the balmy beauty of Parramatta from a previous visit. I like Parramatta, but the reason for visiting on a beautiful day is for the ferry ride. The main river that feeds the harbour is the Parramatta, and the town is 24kms upriver from central Sydney. The river ceases to be navigable at this point, so you get to travel the whole length of the harbour, and see the beautiful parks and houses, bays and inlets, yachts, ships, ferries and other floating bodies.

I love the harbour. It sparkles in the sunlight, offers endless opportunities to have different views of Sydney, and it seems to afford limitless options of experience and vistas.

Anyway, we travelled upriver sat on the bow of the boat, and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery. When we got to our destination, we took a short walk, but decided that warm and sunny afternoons in Parramatta were best served by being sat in a sunny pub terrace, overlooking the river, and tasting some of Australias finest brewery products. I can’t say that we tried them all, but I think we made a decent attempt. Anyway, it was a very fine day all round.

The return journey we decided to take by train as I needed to collect my laundry before closing time. However the trains were not operating properly due to trackworks, and so a long, hot and very tedious bus-ride replaced the first part of the journey. We did get back eventually, managed to get my clean undies, and hied back to the hotel with happy hearts.

In the evening, we went back to the lovely Malaysian roti place, and tried more options of fried roti, including the pointy witches-hat sugar coated desert roti, with icecream and banana. Yum Yum


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