Last day in Paradise

Although I have been living in Sydney for 3 months, and my suite overlooks the monorail, I haven’t actually been on it before. I was waiting for the right moment I guess, which was now. We walked down to the monorail station, bought tickets and waited for the next train. Built (as with much of Sydney) for the Olympics), it actually covers a small area of downtown, covering the Darling Harbour, Chinatown and the Queen Victoria building. We hopped aboard, and did a full loop first, which covered about 12 minutes at the most. 2nd time around we got off at Paddy’s Market and went in to do battle and hunt for bargains. A bit of last minute shopping for some gifts was called for, apparently. We bought half of China town, then went to but some emperors puff balls – a custard doughnut type thingy, hot and fresh off the press, and urgently delicious in a way that cant be described.


We took our spoils of war back to the hotel, then walked down to the wharf and got a ferry around to CQ, when we walked around to the Rocks. Apparently we hadn’t shopped enough, so with a quick stop for some delicious market food, we entered the shopping frenzy once more and got rid of more excess cash, exchanging this with the natives for trinkets, baubles, earrings and the like.

W nice walk back up through town brought us back to the Sydney Tower. Our tickets for the aquarium included entry to the tower, so up we went for a daytime viewing. Again, superbly spectacular. It was later in the afternoon, so we decided to hang around, have a nice coffee and a crap cheese cake, and watch the sunset. It were bloody marvellous.

Finally walked back to the hotel, and then down into darling harbour for a ‘last night in Sydney’ meal for gorgeous steak. Somehow, food seemed to feature quite a lot in our holiday.

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