After two years or so of blogging, it has suddenly occurred to me that as this is a personal blog, I should create a glossary to explain some of the words and terms I use in my posts. This will save me having to describe some of the fundamentals every time I do a post – because in my deluded, imaginary world, many new people come to the site to read about my fascinating life, so I have to write each post as if it were the readers first encounter with my blog. Anyway – here is a glossary of regularly used terms, words, slang and assumptions:

The Mighty Reds (or ‘Redmen’ or ‘Liverpool’ or ‘LFC’) : Liverpool football club – definitely the best football (soccer for any Americans amongst you) team in the world.

The Kids : My beautiful progeny, Span (Danielle), Jexi or Peach (Jessica) and The Boy or Booitjie or Mr B(Ben).

The lady love of my life, my wife. Lena or Jelena, the Latvian beauty. aka JellyBean

My Bike: Current steed is a Suzuki Bandit 1250.

Home: Our humble abode, in Copley, a little suburb/village on the edge of Halifax (not Nova Scotia)

Work: I do stuff for a technical company. Nobody is quite sure what, but I think of it as Project Management or Delivery Management. Mostly, it is like herding cats. Drunk cats. Disobedient, unruly, and particularly anarchic cats.

Camp: Dance Camp North, an organisation I belong to which has an annual summer camp, full of middle aged, middle class, slightly lost hippies (like me)


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