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I got sent a list from a few friends on Facebook, with 25 things about them that people may not know, and was asked to respond in kind. It was an interesting exercise, and I thought it would be a good page to keep here permanently. Here is my list:


  1. I am always right
  2. Well, mostly
  3. Actually, it is only some of the time, really……………………..
  4. Oh – and I am not arrogant
  5. As a teenager I got arrested during a couple of anti-apartheid rallies
  6. My favourite holidays were with my Dad and my best friend Dave – we used to drive to the edge of civilisation, then trek up into the mountains for days, carrying all we needed with us. Sometimes we never saw another human all week.
  7. I will ALWAYS be a child of Africa
  8. All 3 of  my kids have lovely, unusual nicknames, and I hardly ever call them by anything else
  9. Whoever said that the sun never sets on the British Empire was a twat – what I have discovered is that the sun actually never comes out in Britain. I have become truly British – I hate the bloody weather here (but love complaining about it)
  10. When my kids were tiny, I used to prod them in the middle of the night to make sure they were breathing. Generally I would prod so hard they woke up and cried. If anything happened to any of them, it would kill me
  11. I am not a racist – I dislike everyone equally, without discrimination
  12. There is no God. Get over it.
  13. I have taken my kids to the edge of the world. I liked it more than them, but they appreciate it now (at least, they better bloody appreciate it).
  14. My extended family live all over the world. Some of them I haven’t seen for many many years, but I still think of them, and friends that I don’t see, often.
  15. My children are all gorgeous, bright, talented, interesting, interested, unusual, confident, engaging and wonderful people. How the FUCK did that happen?
  16. When in doubt about anything, refer to number 1, above
  17. As a 15 year old, I was involved in a daring but slightly dodgy raid on a residential centre kitchen in a foreign land (to nick a tray of yoghurts). It took place late at night, and involved a rope ladder from the 3rd floor roof. I was last man up (of a team of 5 highly trained criminals), and as I neared the top one side of the rope ladder snapped, leaving me dangling. Dave (aforementioned best mate) grabbed my arm, and managed to pull me up. If I had fallen 3 floors onto concrete, it would have been messy – thanks Dave.
  18. I don’t have many ‘absolute favourites’ of most things, such as songs, movies, books and so on. Some I love dearly, but don’t see the point in trying to rank them. Singing in the Rain, Usual Suspects, Shawshank Redemption, Bob Dylan, Bill Bryson, Richard Dawkins, Big Yellow Taxi. All fabulous
  19. One thing I do have an absolute favourite of is football clubs. Liverpool FC. I would be there every game if I could. I have been privileged to be at Anfield for some of best games (as voted by the fans) on European nights, including both semi-final victories against Chelsea, The Juventus and Olympiakos games in 2005, and many more. You’ll never walk alone!
  20. I have had a good and interesting life (so far), with many really useful experiences. Probably the most formative experience of my life was my military service. I was a specialist infantry soldier, in a combat unit, in a very active army. It made a human being out of me, and taught me so much about the human condition, endurance, suffering, comradeship, ideals and so much more. Mostly though, it taught me more about myself than anything else I have ever done (or most probably will ever do).
  21. I hate it when the world ‘discovers’ an artist that I have known and loved for some time, and their work gets played to death, til it gets on my nerves.
  22. I got some shrapnel in my leg from a grenade, which took years to come out – and I don’t even know if there are any bits left in there. They were only a few, and very tiny, but it hurt like fuck. The stupid thing is, it was during a live exercise, and I threw the bloody thing myself!
  23. The blatant misuse of English gives me heartburn. I hate it when people write things like “your doing well” and other such crimes. I would not necessarily advocate the death penalty for everyone who  commits crimes against English, except when anyone who talks about a “mute point”. MOOT. MOOOOOT. MOOT for FUCK SAKE. (PS if I have made any spelling or grammatical errors in this list – live with it, you pedantic eejit (especially you, Kate))
  24. Facebook is both useful and irritating at the same time. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, I don’t want to know if you have become a “fan of boiled eggs”,  or joined the group “help stamp out people who want to stamp out Facebook groups”. I don’t want you to send me an invite to download “the happy fluffy glitter bunny” application or “your friend sent you an invite to screw Lisa Simpson” type stuff. If you can’t be interesting, helpful, creative  or useful on your own without relying on some other immature individuals tabloid-style ideas, then just be quiet.
  25. I can’t always count very well
  26. I like having an opinion, though there are so many things that I don’t have an opinion about. These myriad things generally bore me.
  27. I do find it difficult enough trying to remember my opinions, without having to actually remember the reasons for them.

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  1. Found out more about you today from reading your list, than I’ve learnt from knowing you the last 6 years! Laughed on more than one occasion too…x

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